Screening Criteria


  • We offer an application form to everyone.
  • We review only fully completed applications in the order in which we receive them.
  • We may require up to 5 business days to verify information on any application.
  • We screen the following: Financial Background, Criminal Background, Prior Rental History, References. 

Complete Application

  • Each applicant over the age of 18 must submit an individual application via our website.
  • We will not review incomplete applications. Application is complete when all the tenants and co-signers have submitted their individual applications.
  • Applicants must present a piece of government issued identification with a photograph.
  • We will accept the first qualified applicant(s).

Financial Background

  • Household income shall be at least 2.5 times the monthly rent (non-Portland), or 2 or 2.5 times the monthly income in Portland (excluding utilities).
  • If a co-signer is necessary, the co-signer must also complete and sign an application. The acceptance of a co-signer is not a normal policy and is subject to individual approval or denial by LongStreet Property Management.
  • Income must be verifiable through pay stubs or employer contact; award letters for Social Security, alimony, child support, welfare, utility or housing assistance; current tax records; or bank statements.
  • We may require you to submit a copy of your credit report obtained within the past 30 days.
  • Negative credit reports may result in denial of application. Negative reports include, but are not limited to: late payments, collections, judgments, total debt load, and bankruptcy.

Criminal Background

  • Applicants will be denied for criminal convictions or pending charges that include but are not limited to: drug-related crimes, person crimes, sex offenses, any crimes involving financial fraud (including identity theft or forgery), or any other crime that would adversely impact the health, safety or right of peaceful enjoyment of the premises of the residents, landlord or landlord’s agent.
    • Effective 1/1/2020, landlords are subject to the following changes in screening guidelines:
      1)  When evaluating an applicant, the landlord may not consider drug-related convictions based solely on the use or possession of marijuana.
      2)  When evaluating an applicant, the landlord may not consider the possession of a medical marijuana card or status as a medical marijuana patient when making a determination about the suitability of an applicant. Affordable housing providers subject to federal laws prohibiting the use or possession of marijuana (including medical marijuana) by residents on the premises may continue to enforce those rules with their residents.

Prior Rental History

  • No evictions within the past five years. We do not consider evictions which took place five years or more ago, nor do we consider evictions which resulted in a dismissal or a general judgment for the applicant.
  • Applicants must provide the information necessary to contact past landlords.


  • Favorable references from current employers, past landlords and other relevant persons.


  • All applicants may submit a written explanation with their application if there are extenuating circumstances which require additional consideration.
  • If, after making a good faith effort, we are unable to verify information on your application, or if you fail to pass any of the screening criteria, the application process will be terminated.
  • Exceptions may be made for applicants with increased deposits or qualified co-signers at the sole discretion of the Owner/Agent.
  • Applicants may be rejected based on the demeanor in which they treat the Owner/Agent or other parties present.
  • Falsification or misrepresentation of any part of the application will result in denial

Pet Policy

LongStreet Property Management wants to do everything we can to help create happy tenants and pets!  We understand that a pet plays a significant part in many people's lives, so we strive to allow most animals in most of our rental properties. Pet Screening

Profiles are required for every applicant applying for one of our properties. Pet Screening provides a risk level assessment for each pet profile which is based on the over risk of the pet. Pet Fees are based upon those Paw Score Risk Levels. Pet Screening Profiles can be completed by going to:

Regardless of prior consent, LongStreet Property Management reserves the right to have any pet removed from the property if it is determined that the pet poses a threat to the safety or condition of the property or any people in the property or the community.

LongStreet charges pet rent each month for each of your pets. The term “pet rent” is simply a charge you will pay for the allowance of your pet to occupy the rental unit with you. Pet rent is charged on a monthly basis and is paid with your property rent. The charges breakdown as follows for each paw score risk level and non traditional pets:

0 paw = denied
1 paw = $75 / month
2 paw = $65 / month
3 paw = $55 / month
4 paw = $45 / month
5 paw = $35 / month

Resident Benefits Package

The LongStreet Property Management Resident Benefits Package (RBP) delivers savings and convenient, professional services that make taking care of your home second nature. Upon applying, the applicant has the opportunity to be enrolled in one of the following options and pay the applicable cost of 1. $39.95/month-master policy OR 2. $29.95/month-tenant policy, payable with rent.

Your RBP may include, subject to property availability or other limitations:

-Liability Insurance that meets all lease requirements from an A-rated carrier
-Move-in concierge service that includes a one call set up your utility services, cable, and internet services
-A resident rewards program that helps you earn rewards for paying your rent on time
-Credit building to help boost your credit score with timely rent payments
-$1M Identity Protection for all adult leaseholders
-One time per year FREE lockout fee waiver
-One time per year FREE late fee waiver
-One time per year FREE NSF waiver

Liability Insurance Requirements and Options:

The Landlord requires Tenant to obtain liability coverage of at least $100,000 in property damage and personal liability from an A-rated carrier and to maintain such coverage throughout the entire term of the lease agreement. Tenant is required to furnish Landlord evidence of the required insurance prior to occupancy, at the time of each lease renewal period, and upon request.

To satisfy the insurance requirement, Tenant may either (1) be automatically enrolled into the Landlord or Property Manager’s Master Policy that satisfies the coverage requirements as part of the RBP; or (2) obtain alternative liability coverage from an insurer of Tenant’s choice that meets the requirements set by the Landlord herein. The option Tenant chooses shall not affect whether Tenant’s lease application is approved or the terms of Tenant’s Lease. Tenant’s election shall be determined by the actions of the Tenant as provided below:

Option 1: Master Policy (Opt in Enrollment) – If the Tenant has elected to be enrolled into the insurance policy as part of the RBP. Coverage will begin on the effective date of Tenant’s lease and continue throughout the term of the lease. Please refer to the evidence of insurance that is supplied by LongStreet Property Management for additional coverage detail.

Option 2: Tenant Policy (Policy Verification Required) - Tenant has elected to find, purchase, and maintain Tenant’s policy that satisfies the Landlord’s coverage requirements. Tenant must provide evidence of the required insurance coverage by the Lease commencement date. The RBP Fee will be adjusted accordingly. Visit and follow the instructions listed there to provide evidence of the required insurance coverage to your Landlord.

Please be sure that your policy meets the following criteria prior to submitting:

Policy is purchased from an A- rated carrier
Policy meets or exceeds the required $100,000 in property damage and personal liability
LongStreet Property Management is listed as additional interest
LongStreet Property Management address is listed as: PO Box 660121 Dallas, TX 75266

NOTE: The total monthly cost of the Resident Benefits Package is all-inclusive, and no discounts will be given if any element of the package is unavailable due to a lack of HVAC or another limitation at a specific property. All services are subject to the terms and conditions of the Resident Benefits Package Lease Addendum.


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